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​Fall décor: as easy as (pumpkin) pie.

It’s finally time to put away your nautical-themed accessories and get out your favourite pumpkin-scented everything. What are the best ways to bring in fall décor? Which scents should you keep an eye out for? Answers to these questions (plus, way more) are straight ahead.

  1. Get all new fall candles

    Our new collection brings a host of new fragrances to the table. And its iconic scents need no introduction. Apple pie. Pumpkin spice. Campfires and leaves. Etc. It’s almost a no-brainer: you can’t decorate your home for fall without a 3-wick candles or two, (or seven). Add a couple of seasonal  room sprays and then unexpected visitors won’t catch you by surprise.

    Hint, hint: You can sign up for our email list to get the latest updates on our fall releases.

  2. Make it wall-to-wall fall

    Always-on fall fragrance? Yes, please! Fragrance is one of the best ways to get into a fall mindset. And Wallflowers plug-in air fresheners are the best way to greet you with festive fragrance – especially when your home always smells like an apple orchard or pumpkin patch. Each refill is packed with essential oils and the aroma you’ve come to love. By the way, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 to refresh your home with Wallflowers:

    1. Choose a beautiful, scented oil refill.
    2. Pick a plug that enhances your décor.
    3. Plug it in and enjoy fragrance that’s always on.
  3. Autumn up the sink

    Put your hands together, because a new season means new hand soaps. Since we’re all spending a bit more time at the sink, you just know you need some new, fall suds – in all your favourite fragrances. Pick between two of our most hand-loving formulas, gentle foaming and gentle gel. With 20 seconds of handwashing, both are great at keeping germs at bay, so you’ll love either one you choose.

    Bonus info: Read our Hand Soaps FAQ for full details on our suds.

  4. Decorate with accessories guests will fall for

    Nothing’s prettier than fall decorations and accessories. Whether you’re creating a centerpiece for your coffee table (think a gorgeous 3-wick candle on a pedestal and some fake branches), laying out new blankets with autumn textures or just wowing them with the best of fall fragrance, you will be the hostess with the most-ess.

    Décor idea: Check out our White Barn coloured glass 3-wick candles and new Wallflowers wall plugs. They’re super easy to place in any space that needs an updated vibe.