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About Body Scrubs from Bath & Body Works

Searching for ways to get super-smooth, touchable skin in a snap? This page is exactly what you need. Our body scrubs combine exfoliants, like sea salt, sugar and even hyaluronic acid (weird name aside, it’s a hyper-hydrator) with your favourite fragrances to leave your skin ultra-soft and smelling amazing.

And they’re our favourite way to take your skincare routine up a notch (or ten). It all starts by scrubbing away dead skin at the beginning of your shower. Gently rub in a circular motion for about 30 seconds in each area, then rinse off and reveal smooth skin. Just don’t overdo it – over exfoliating with a scrub could leave your skin irritated. We recommend only one or two times a week.

The best part? Each scrub is packed with vitamins and minerals to help you achieve the skin you want: radiant, smooth, moisturised, all of the above. A natural moisturiser, vitamin E is perfect for locking in hydration once the scrub has been wiped away. Cleansed and exfoliated skin always craves hydration, so it’s one of the best body scrub ingredients.

Need to relax after a long day or get energized in the morning? Our aromatherapy body care collection has amazing body scrubs that can help you get whatever mood you need from de-stressed to chill, sleepy to invigorated. Breathe deep and take in our exclusive blend of essential oils to enhance your mind, body and soul.