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​Because a comfy-cozy home is a must.

Decorative pumpkins, plush pillows and soft blankets – all things that make fall the coziest season of the year. But did you know there’s a way to make your home even cozier? It all boils down to super-warm fragrance, bold colors and charming accessories that scream everything autumn. And here's exactly how to take that cozy level from a 10 to a 12.

  1. Start with super cozy fragrance

    Scent is the single best way to make any room in your house feel like a home – especially when autumn rolls around. (A.k.a. when it’s all about crisp, cool and comforting seasonal vibes.) We have so many fragrances that capture that exact mood, but we just had to tell you about these four scents that’ll wrap your home in everything rich and radiant – whether you grab them in candles, Wallflowers or hand soaps.

    • Sweater Weather: Blended with fresh sage, juniper berry, aromatic eucalyptus and fresh wood, think of this as the fragrance equivalent of your favorite oversized sweater. Pair it with a blanket and good book – because Sweater Weather perfect for nights in.
    • Flannel: Nothing says autumn like Flannel – and we don’t just mean the fabric. This cozy blend of woodsy notes is like a pop of warmth on a chilly fall night. Pick up this scent (in home fragrance and hand soaps) whenever you a need to cuddle up and relax.
    • Leaves: Hand-picked red apples, golden nectar and warm clove spice. Leaves is basically autumn in a single fragrance. And whenever you’re in the mood for a stroll through the farmer’s market on a brisk fall morning without leaving the couch, grab this scent!
    • The Perfect Autumn: We took two of our most popular fall scents and mixed them together. The result? The Perfect Autumn, a fragrance that smells like pumpkins, cranberries and warm spices and instantly takes you to the quintessential fall day.
  2. Look for colorful inspiration

    Sometimes a richly colored candle jar or an autumnal Wallflowers plug can be a guiding décor light for any room. As we’re transitioning from late summer to early fall, we’re all about matching your current décor or completely switching it up. Mix nautical themes with more muted, primary colors to really capture the moment of the season (hello, super cute candle jars). Woodsy or rustic colors go great with any autumn accessories you’re pulling out of storage. Feeling the Halloween spirit? Look for anything orange, purple or green!

    P.S. We have way more than just colorful jars – look for our luminary candles and glowing Wallflowers plugs.

  3. Choose a form (or three)

    Okay, you’ve chosen a few famous fall fragrances, found your new favorite colors and picked your packaging, so it’s finally time to pick which form(s) you need. Think about the spaces in your house that need a little decoration. The coffee table can always use a new centerpiece, so consider getting a few 3-wick candles to build that focal point up. Don’t forget to grab a few extra candles for the countertop, your book nook or on the mantle above the fireplace. (Pro tip: If your tables are on the smaller side, get some single wick candles instead).

    And for those times you can’t burn a candle (think overnight or while you’re at work), we recommend picking up plenty of Wallflowers refills. These exclusive air freshener refills last for weeks (and weeks) and welcome you home with the best of fall fragrance.

  4. Make your new fall goodies stand out

    Like whipped cream on a pumpkin spice latte, accessories are exactly what you need to put the finishing touches on your new fragrances. For your new 3-wick and single wick candles, pick out a few candle holders and pedestals that match your theme. Think sparkling gold and dashes of autumnal colors.

    We also love our new, completely enchanting Wallflowers air freshener plugs. In smaller places, like the bathrooms, a fall-themed plug can bring the room right into the season. In communal spaces, (hello, living room) a conversation piece is exactly what you need, so don’t be afraid to get something glitzy or glowing. And with that, your home is instantly cozier. Pour yourself a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the autumn ambiance.