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We’re totally obsessed with our newest form of body wash. Especially because this moisturizing body wash is clinically tested to moisturize after just one shower. Why is it the best? Well, if you’re ever a little dry or find that the weather has been a little too harsh on your skin (thanks, winter), this cleanser adds essential hydration right where you need it. Use it on the reg or whenever you could use a hydrating boost. Now, sit back, relax and dive into this overview of the super-soothing goodies that work super hard just for you.

What is moisturizing body wash?

Think of it like a shower gel-lotion hybrid. This hydrating liquid soap specifically made to keep your skin nourished. Plus, it’s clinically tested to get you moisturized after one shower – without leaving you feeling greasy. That’s a lot of moisture.

Is moisturizing body wash good for dry skin?

It’s absolutely perfect for it! Anything that provides deep hydration is great at keeping dry, itchy, chapped skin at bay.

What’s the texture like?

Really similar to a body lotion. Our moisturizing body wash is silky smooth, creating a rich and creamy lather. And the fragrance is literally everything. Speaking of...

What fragrances do your moisturizing body washes come in?

A ton of our most popular scents. From fragrant floral scents to festive faves, you’ll easily be able to grab your signature scents (or discover new ones) each time you shop. By the way, we’re always expanding our product lines so keep an eye out for new fragrances.

When should I use moisturizing body wash?

Whenever you’re in the shower – even if that’s every day or once a week! Morning, noon or night this creamy goodie has your back.

What are the key ingredients in Bath & Body Works moisturizing body wash?

  • Shea butter: It’s a hydrating hero. Shea butter has vitamins A, E and F, all things that will create a protective, non-greasy barrier to trap in moisture.
  • Coconut oil: It’s a nourishing superfruit. Coconut oil’s fatty acids deeply nourish the skin, giving you glowing results.
  • Cocoa butter: It’s the ultimate moisturizer. Cocoa butter is sensitive-skin friendly and is great for defending against dry and chapped skin.

How does in-shower moisturizer work?

Just apply it like your regular body wash and while you’re cleansing, each one of the ingredients gets to work, soaking into your skin and delivering intense moisture. We designed our moisturizing body wash to be light as a feather and non-greasy, so you won’t leave the shower feeling heavy – but you will be super-moisturized!

What’s the difference between shower gel and moisturizing body wash?

Our shower gel is liquid soap that delivers the usual amount of moisture, with an intense bubbly lather. Our moisturizing body wash is basically a shower lotion that packs the same cleansing punch, with a creamy texture that leaves you feeling oh-so-soft and smooth.

How do you apply body wash?

Any way your heart desires! A quick and easy way is to just use your hands – they’re perfectly gentle and get the job done in a snap. Refresh your routine with a washcloth or loofah whenever you need or want some exfoliating action. Just be sure to clean them after each use to prevent potential bacteria growth.

How does moisturizing body wash fit into my routine?

Switch out your usual bar of soap or shower gel for moisturizing body wash and use it to cleanse as usual in the shower.

How often should I use moisturizing body wash?

We recommend every time you hop in the shower – our moisturizing body wash is gentle enough to be used as often as you’d like.

Clearly, we’re absolutely living for our moisturizing body wash – you will be, too. Shop now to see what super-smooth skin (and the hype) is all about. Goodbye, dry skin. Hello, hydration.